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Here you will find our range of premium organic CBD oils

The hemp plants used to create our oils are grown organically, in soil under the sun using only water. Absolutely no pesticides or herbicides are used. They produce high amounts of CBD, terpenes and other key cannabinoids while remaining under the legal limit of 0.2% THC. Mixed with organic sesame oil and believed to be one of the worlds oldest known plant based oils. It is renowned for its ability to strengthen and detoxify the body ensuring the proper functioning of all the vital organs. Its has natural antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties and can be used orally or applied directly to the skin. Our CBD oil is 100% legal and complies with EU regulations.
What our customers say

I have suffered from eczema for several years now. As well as the typical dryness of eczema, my body and face would frequently feel like it was on fire and I would looked burnt – but I could not pinpoint the cause. I had various different food and environmental allergy tests done and still the culprit was unknown. I tried elimination diets, which helped a bit, but I could still never put my finger on the root cause. Since using the 6% cbd oil it seems to have really calmed down the inflammation of my skin and I rarely look burnt now. (Thank the Lord! Hello again social life!) As an added bonus, it has helped improve my insomnia, which was caused by the skin issues. Sleeping tablets didn’t even work for me, but the oil, on its own, appears to be doing the job! I would definitely recommend this product and the company. Love the packaging as well!

Gillian Devlin – 11th February

Great seller and I’ve noticed changes to my knee which I suffered from arthritis with for over 3 years now . My knee no longer feels stiff and painful . I will be carrying on with this as it seems to work

Tina Arnold - 30th July 2019

I have been using 3% cbd oil from the hemp connection since July this year. I have suffered for years with gout in my feet particularly my big toes. I’ve tried everything to avoid going onto the medication which has side effects of various stomach issues which I don’t want being in my mid 30s. This is the ONLY thing that has helped me and kept the flare ups away. I have had no issues at all, no swelling, no pain and have even managed to start running on roads again and the only thing I that I can put this down to is Cbd oil! Simple as that. Hands down I would recommend this to anyone and the hemp connection are an excellent company to use. I have had several conversations with the staff about its uses, the best ways to take (vape / oil) and they have always came back in a timely professional manner. They are also interested in the customers experiences and take the time to take on board whatever reason you may have for using cbd. Excellent stuff, keep up the good work!

Fraser Dodds – 29th September 2019

Having had a hip replacement just 13 days ago I got in touch with the hemp connection had a lovely conversation with Kristen then purchased some 6% cbd oil.. Been taking this now for the past 9 days and truly has made a difference.. I’m not taking nearly as much painkillers as I was before the op and my remaining arthritic hip is pain free also.. My wound has practically healed up and I’m mobile and wondering why on earth I never did this before.. All I can say is thank you and I’m excited as to what cbd products you will have in the future

All round good people Kristen and Eric can’t thank you enough

Mhairi Mcgillivary – 28th October 2019

What an amazing product and service from such knowledgeable people!
I’ve tried most CBD products out there and they don’t come anywhere close to The Hemp Connection.

The Vape oil is what really helps with my aches and pains from arthritis and my bad back. It even helps me get a good nights rest.

The CBD flower is phenomenal! The smell and taste is what any connoisseur would give 5 stars but, it’s the relief that it gives me, that made me fall in love with this product.

Nick Fereday – 6th December 2019

I had originally reached out to the hemp connection after breaking out in some bad eczema. I had been prescribed steroid cream by the doctors. Weeks later the prescription had ran it’s course and the eczema had only gotten worse.
I then got the 3% CBD oil along with the CBD cream. The eczema on my elbow was the area worst affected. This disappeared after two applications of the CBD cream. The rest of my eczema cleared up within a week and I am now just using the CBD oil orally by itself.

It’s been over a month now and i have had no further breakouts. I am not only delighted with the speed at which these products worked for me, but also with the end result. My skin looks and feels healthier than it ever has before.
Thank you very much 💛

100% recommended. Look forward to trying some of their other products!!

Jeremy Young – 27th December 2019