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Here you will find our range of premium CBD vape products

The hemp plants used to create our vape oils are grown organically, in soil under the sun using only water. Absolutely no pesticides or herbicides are used. Curing hemp properly is such an important stage as it directly affects the quality of the oil produced. Therefore all our flowers are cured for a minimum of 6 months before extraction which is very unique amongst CBD oil producers. That’s why our 100% plant extracted vape oil is the smoothest and most flavoursome on the market. Our vape oil is high in CBD and free from THC, it's 100% legal and complies with EU regulations.
What our customers say

I’m amazed by this astounding oil!

I had root canal treatment which has failed, and is causing a lot of pain. Today I tried the oil – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner! I took it at 6pm, at that point I couldn’t bear any pressure on my tooth. By 6.20 the pain had subsided hugely, and by 7 I was able to put pressure on the tooth with very minimal discomfort!

I’d previously used the oil for severe menstrual cramps, and it worked like a dream.

I also have the vape pen, which works really well for stress headaches. I don’t smoke, so wasn’t sure how I’d find the vape, but it was very pleasant to use.
I now will not be without Hemp Connection’s fantastic oil.

Rhona Ramsay – 8th July 2019

What an amazing product and service from such knowledgeable people!
I’ve tried most CBD products out there and they don’t come anywhere close to The Hemp Connection.

The Vape oil is what really helps with my aches and pains from arthritis and my bad back. It even helps me get a good nights rest.

The CBD flower is phenomenal! The smell and taste is what any connoisseur would give 5 stars but, it’s the relief that it gives me, that made me fall in love with this product.

Nick Fereday – 6th December 2019