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What our customers say

Having previously tried various CBD products without much success, I now use The hemp connection products and I have been anxiety free now for over 5 months, I am calmer, sleep well and I am free from meditation. I can’t rate this range enough

Venessa Browne – 9th July 2019

Great CBD products!Β πŸ˜€πŸ˜€I’ve been using them for a several months now, building a nice little collection of my used oils. 

’ve noticed a massive change in the way I feel, which has allowed me to stop taking my prescription medication.

Gary Copland – 10th July 2019

Really good products. Nice to see its all organic and full spectrum too.

Christopher Bagnall – 25th July 2019

Great reliable product, great tasting, great service πŸ™‚

Tristan Cameron-Harper – 16th August 2019

Was given a sample of the CBD Topical cream as my girlfriend suffers from eczema, after 3weeks of use, i can confirm we are both very impressed with this cream! her eczema has improved massively, so much that my girlfriend uses this over other creams shes used for years.

Very Impressed with how well the cream spreads and absorbs to the skin, the smell is nice too, a sort of natural plant smell.

Highly Recommended to anyone with or without a skin condition!

Mathew Robertson – 28th August 2019

I have been using 3% cbd oil from the hemp connection since July this year. I have suffered for years with gout in my feet particularly my big toes. I’ve tried everything to avoid going onto the medication which has side effects of various stomach issues which I don’t want being in my mid 30s. This is the ONLY thing that has helped me and kept the flare ups away. I have had no issues at all, no swelling, no pain and have even managed to start running on roads again and the only thing I that I can put this down to is Cbd oil! Simple as that. Hands down I would recommend this to anyone and the hemp connection are an excellent company to use. I have had several conversations with the staff about its uses, the best ways to take (vape / oil) and they have always came back in a timely professional manner. They are also interested in the customers experiences and take the time to take on board whatever reason you may have for using cbd. Excellent stuff, keep up the good work!

Fraser Dodds – 29th September 2019